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Can`t find a template?
Can't find a template?
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Welcome to the Bill & Ben website. We are dedicated and passionate about creating brilliant portraits of you, a loved one, family or even pets....actually, anything you want!! We provide a solution for you to capture those precious memories which can be an ideal gift for yourself or a loved one.

We offer 1000's of templates for you to choose from, everything from: Weddings, Sports, Pets, Couples, Groups, Anniversary and much more. We also have a section in which you can request a fully personalised portrait choosing the people and setting.

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Don't forget: Although we're based in the UK, our basic product is digital. So it can be delivered anywhere in the…
We all know someone who likes the#limelight right? We have templates for almost anything you can think of. If not…
So... we've drawn a few#caricatures over the years... 1000s in fact! Great#Christmas #giftideas maybe?…
My caricature was great! The likeness was unbelievable. Excellent Job!
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