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Caricature Gift ideas

Have you ever been given the task of buying a retirement or leaving gift for a colleague and have only your lunchtime to go out and search for an appropriate present? Now you only need a head shot ‘photo’ and your problems are at an end! What about a character drawing from that ‘photo, framed and sent directly to you within 5 – 10 days? This sort of caricature gift would be a totally different and unexpected surprise and would leave that person with the thought that you had really cared about them.

Have you been giving your mother or father a bunch of flowers every year for Mothers Day or a bottle of wine for Fathers Day? Why not send in their favourite photograph to Bill & Ben The Cartoon Men and your parents will receive a beautiful caricature hand-drawn by expert artists who have mastered their art and will tastefully produce a character drawing from photos within 5 – 10 days. Your parents will then have a nice and amusing surprise, and will be able to treasure their framed picture forever – something a cash gift cannot always provide.

Men are so difficult to buy a gift for! How often have you heard that said? Well, now you needn’t worry about ties, handkerchiefs or cufflinks – why not send in a full-face photo so that they will receive a brilliant caricature of themselves. The caricatures could be of their favourite sport – from a selection including golf, karate, cycling, tennis, or weightlifting – or even of their favourite superhero! The final picture may relate to their specialist field of work such as a: gardener, lorry or taxi driver, plumber, doctor and so forth. How about those super fit types? They could be shown as bodybuilders or swimmers. Boys too can be a problem – not any more as their caricatures are catered for too – why not buy them a caricature gift cartoon showing their prowess on a motorbike or horse?

Have you got a wedding gift to buy soon? Provide some head shots of the happy couple (before the wedding!) and send them into us at Bill and Ben so that they can reproduce that special day as a caricature wedding photo, in colour and elegantly framed. All orders are printed in full colour so that the finished product will not languish in a ‘photo album for years, but can be displayed for all to see.

Ever wondered how to show your gratitude for a job well done without the embarrassment of giving cash? Perhaps you could give your builder a humorous caricature portrait of himself that he could hang in his office to show a grateful customer. Did the landlord or landlady of your pub ever organise an event or special night at their pub? Why not give them a great character drawing to hang in their bar?

Your son or daughter has managed to excel and has finally got their degree – so how about a special cartoon drawing of them dressed in their award ceremony gown and mortar? Perhaps they have won a special prize for other achievements like singing or dancing? A caricature gift idea is a wonderful way of showing how proud of them you are.

You could choose from the hundreds of alternatives drawn by professional and expert caricaturists and cartoonists who have over 150 years of experience between them. These caricatures are all hand-drawn and not computer generated. The finished caricature cartoons are expertly and hand-finished works of art, with the likeness of the subject wonderfully reproduced in the setting of your choice.

My caricature was great! The likeness was unbelievable. Excellent Job!