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Happy Couple

This is the best day of your life, full of love and laughter what better way is there than to commemorate such a special occasion with a quirky caricature which will last much longer than other wedding gifts. When our artist creates your Wedding caricatures he will capture your likeness perfectly making it a great momento to keep for the newly-weds.

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Ideal for Outdoor Weddings
Outside of the Church
Suitable for Weddings and Civil Ceremonies
Swept off her feet
Ideal for Weddings where one partner is taller than the other
Tall & Short
Ideal for Traditional White Wedding
Traditional Dress
White Wedding
White Wedding
Suitable for Brides with a figure hugging dress
Straight Dress
Ideal for Indian or Hindu Weddings
Indian Wedding
Perfect for a Wedding where Bride or Groom are Scottish
Scottish Wedding
Suitable for a Jewish Wedding
Jewish Wedding
Perfect for Weddings on the Beach
Beach Wedding
Ideal for Civil Ceremonies at a Racecourse
Wedding at the Horses
Perfect for the Happy Couple cutting the cake
Cutting the Cake
Ideal for the memory of the First Dance at a Wedding
First Dance
Great for showing things are legal
Signing the Register
Great for couples married in Vegas
Vegas Wedding
Happy couple and vintage car
Happy couple and vintage car
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My caricature was great! The likeness was unbelievable. Excellent Job!