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Secure Shopping

BillandBenTheCartoonMen want you to feel safe while shopping on the site and below are all the steps we have taken to ensure you have 100% secure shopping.

BillandBenTheCartoonMen are accredited by The SafeBuy Assurance Scheme.

The SafeBuy Assurance Scheme is for web-based retailers and is operated by Software Research Ltd.

The Scheme, amongst other things, requires web retailers to:


  • Adhere to the terms of the Sale of Goods Act, the EU Distance Selling Regulations and the EU Directive on Privacy and Electronic Communications;
  • Conform to the Data Protection Act 1998;
  • Provide security for the processing of credit card transactions;
  • Include physical location and contact details for themselves on their website;
  • Display the total price consumers must pay for goods including delivery costs and provide a clear explanation of the delivery procedures;
  • Advise the consumer if 'cookies' are required for the processing of data;
  • Not use 'spam' for marketing purposes;
  • Avoid exploitation of children.

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology protects your website and makes it easy for your website visitors to trust you in three essential ways:

  • An SSL Certificate enables encryption of sensitive information during on-line transactions.
  • Each SSL Certificate contains unique, authenticated information about the certificate owner.
  • A Certificate Authority verifies the identity of the certificate owner when it is issued

You need SSL if...

  • You have an online store or accept online orders and credit cards
  • You offer a log-in or sign-in on your site
  • You process sensitive data such as address, birth date, licence or ID numbers
  • You need to comply with privacy and security requirements
  • You value privacy and expect others to trust you.

How Encryption Works

Imagine sending a letter through the post in a transparent envelope. Anyone with access to it can see the data. If it looks valuable, they might take it or change it. An SSL Certificate establishes a private communication channel enabling encryption of the data during transmission. Encryption scrambles the data, essentially creating an envelope for message privacy.

Each SSL Certificate consists of a public key and a private key. The public key is used to encrypt information and the private key is used to decipher it. When a Web browser points to a secured domain, a Secure Sockets Layer handshake authenticates the server (website) and the client (Web browser). An encryption method is established with a unique session key and secure transmission can begin. True 256-bit SSL Certificates enable every site visitor to experience the strongest SSL encryption available to them.

How Authentication Works

Imagine receiving an envelope with no return address and a form asking for your bank account number. Every SSL Certificate is created for a particular server in a specific domain for a verified business entity. When the SSL handshake occurs, the browser requires authentication information from the server. By clicking the closed padlock in the browser window or certain SSL trust marks, the website visitor sees the authenticated organisation name. In high-security browsers, the authenticated organisation name is prominently displayed and the address bar turns green when an Extended Validation SSL Certificate is detected. If the information does not match or the certificate has expired, the browser displays an error message or warning.

Why Authentication Matters

Like a passport or a driving licence, an SSL Certificate is issued by a trusted source, known as the Certificate Authority (CA). Many CAs simply verify the domain name and issue the certificate. Our chosen supplier, Comodo verifies the existence of your business, the ownership of your domain name and your authority to apply for the certificate, a higher standard of authentication.

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