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Why caricatures make great gifts


Have you ever been on holiday abroad and been seduced by the artist sitting in a market, casually drawing a character drawing of a tourist? To show their skills in such a way belies the fact that they are accomplished artists and the good ones usually have a queue of people waiting to be drawn. The finished caricatures, although good and amusing are then taken home and usually popped away in a drawer as the recipient usually forgets to have it framed.

Now there is an easier way of giving an unusual caricature gift and you don’t even have to go abroad! You can order from the comfort of your own home and end up with a unique personalised gift item that comes framed - what more could you wish for? Include postage and packing in the price and you don’t have any worries.

We have the skills and can create your personalised caricature gift idea. We can deliver a great gift for friends, family and work colleagues that they will be able to keep, display and laugh over for years to come. This will show them that you have gone to some trouble to pick such a unique present instead of the usual boring gift like a bottle of wine or a bunch of flowers. They will be impressed and touched by your thoughtfulness in bringing them something so amusing and unusual with a personalised caricature cartoon.

All the artists working for are talented cartoonists with a collective 150 years experience between them. From the testimonials and caricature examples shown, you will easily see that their professional approach far exceeds any computer generated drawings. Working from state-of-the-art offices in the UK, they can produce fantastic character drawings which offer the recipient their own likeness in a multitude of different situations or themes.

For example, giving a personalised portrait of one of your work colleague who is perhaps moving on or retiring would be an ideal unique present that they are sure to remember. A couple marrying would appreciate a caricature of them, as it makes a change from the usual tablecloth or set of glasses doesn’t it? Are your parents going to celebrate a lifetime together with a special anniversary? Why not upload a photo of each and give them something they will appreciate – after all they usually say “we don’t want anything”, don’t they?

We always like to give something to our loved ones for a good achievement, especially if they have gained a degree or won an award for a sporting event so a personalised caricature with that special theme will surprise them and record their accomplishment for posterity. All you need is a head and shoulders ‘photo’ and your debit or credit card for this unusual caricature gift and you will be sure to have a very appreciative recipient.

You will never be stuck for inspiration when you decide to choose a personalized gift drawing. There are several themes, you can choose from, all with suitable caricature titles that range from Fathers day, engagement, Christmas to graduation day. To help you decide, there are sections which show the “best sellers caricatures” and “likeness samples” which show the ingenuity and skill of the artists.

There are so many opportunities to give “thank you” gifts or anniversary presents nowadays, but because of peoples’ busy lifestyles, sometimes a quick visit to the shops falls short in choosing the “unusual present”. Bill and Ben the Cartoon Men can create your truly unique caricature portrait; you can make sure that the person on the receiving end will have a surprise and a gift that will last forever.

My caricature was great! The likeness was unbelievable. Excellent Job!